Autonomous Robots in Action

Autonomous Robots in Action

Autonomous Robots in Action

Autonomous robots can take action in much the same way as humans. They need to perceive their environment, make decisions based on what they see, and/or have been programmed to recognize and do something in response.

Listed below are six robots that are revolutionizing warehouse operations.

Amazon's Robot Army

To help workers perform tasks more efficiently, these robots adapt to the surrounding environment. These robots can navigate across zip codes to process orders more efficiently. Once the packages are sorted, they are loaded into trucks.

1. Shentong Express Factory Robots

China's largest automated sorting factory uses these robots to sort up to 200,000 parcels per day. Over an estimated floor area of 2000sqm, these robots calculate more than 300 billion route combinations. This system improves the speed as well as efficiency of the whole process.

2.BionicHIVE'S SqUID robots

Inspired by worker bees, they can traverse all areas including vertical distances. A high level of flexibility is incorporated into the design to increase sorting capacity. These robots also can carry boxes up to 32lbs easily. They can also dynamically learn problems and apply resolutions.

3. Hikrobot's Forklift Robot

These heavy-duty robots can navigate narrow isles as well as certain models can carry loads of 1 Ton. Also, they are programmed to communicate with other robots and devices so that tasks can be performed more effectively. They can also be customized for nonstandard bin sizes.

4. Ocado's Grocer Robots

These highly accurate robots employ a 3D grid system to sort and package grocery orders. Over 58,000 products are found across the grid where the robots move across. The robots can also work in unison to access stacks of products. A 50-item order can be completed in a few minutes for transport.

5. InVia's Picker Robots

They are fully automated compact robots that can adapt to any warehouse. Using suction, they hold on to the package and use their inbuilt lifts to reach heights up to 23ft. In addition, they are equipped with swappable batteries and self-charging capabilities.