Future of Technology and Innovation

R&D is at the core of our growth strategy and our identity as a technology company. We are committed to developing new Software and finding solutions that meet and anticipate market demands in our fields of expertise.

In pursuing innovation, we have widened it to analyse and optimize every single element that contributes to the software performance, including Software Engineering, design and process optimization.

In its R&D activity, Ekascloud’s employs an iterative software development process framework called Cloud Security, App Development & Data Security. This approach describes a simple, easy to understand way to developing business application software, using agile technique and concepts.

Ekascloud’s R&D dept. is focused on solutions for Emerging Markets, taking in high consideration their Economic and Social Development. These aspects make us the ideal Technology Partner for these realities.

Our Products

Global Free Classifieds with in built Audio / Video calling facility - the first of its kind in the world which enables people to communicate with each other without sharing any personal information..

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Online Tech discussion forum supported 247 by live members.

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We are in the Process of Redefining Digital Banking

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We are in the Process of Redefining Online Gambling

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