Azure Web Pub Sub – A Perfect Solution To Build Real-Time Web Apps

Azure Web Pub Sub – A Perfect Solution To Build Real-Time Web Apps

Azure Web Pub Sub – A Perfect Solution To Build Real-Time Web Apps


Nowadays, businesses have become more responsive and active to the customers with real-time application scenarios like chat for streaming videos, live data updates, IoT dashboards, and interactive whiteboards for remote education.

Azure Web PubSub is a fully managed WebSocket-based service that enables the team of experts to focus on building real-time web and mobile experiences. The WebSocket is a standardized protocol that will offer full-duplex communication. It's also the key for building real-time web interactions and is supported by primary web servers and browsers.

Azure Web PubSub also enables to use of the WebSocket and the publish-subscribe pattern to quickly build real-time web applications such as cross-platform live chat, monitoring dashboards, real-time location on maps, and many more.

Integrating with further Azure services:

Azure Web PubSub can be integrated with the Azure Functions easily. The Serverless applications will have many unique use cases, including live data updates and other real-time scenarios. The Azure Web PubSub services can be used impeccably in the serverless business environment on Microsoft Azure with the Azure Functions binding.

Along with the Azure Functions integration, Azure also provides the integration with other services like Azure API Management, Azure Static Web Apps, Azure Monitor, and Azure Application Gateway so that the customers can build end-to-end solutions with Microsoft Azure.

The service also offers essential security features that include:

  • The Azure Active Directory support – It helps the customers to protect and govern the access with a single sign-on and also simplifies the access to applications from anywhere.

  • Private endpoints support – This allows the clients to safely access the Azure Web PubSub services in a virtual network.

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