Become A Sustainable Company With Google Cloud

Become A Sustainable Company With Google Cloud

Become A Sustainable Company With Google Cloud


Working more sustainably is a responsibility of every company which they can’t ignore. But how should a business start its path towards sustainability? This is where Google Cloud comes into play, and here is how it will help you.

Industries should not be afraid of tackling the challenges in working on their sustainability goals. It is said that only 24% of companies are motivated to become more sustainable to meet the demands, while 66% of them have integrated sustainability into the core of their businesses.

What makes working with GCP sustainable?

Making the first step is always crucial, but thanks to Google that has made this easier. Moving several applications from an on-premises data center to the Google Cloud will benefit from zero operational emissions from running a particular application.

Using Google Cloud’s TPUs, one can use more efficient and less energy-consuming TPUs. They are specially built for running deep learning workloads at higher teraflops per watt. Combined with AI, Google Cloud computer power, and analytical tools, one can make smarter decisions for business growth.

There are thousands of examples through which companies in different industries can work sustainably along with the Google Cloud. Being an open-sourced cloud provider, GCP helps in co-innovation, portability, and interoperability for future architecture. Managed by the virtual machines are the sort of cross between PaaS and IaaS.

One can easily program managed VMs to run on a particular OS with specific ready-to-use applications that can be changed or managed without any hassle. The Google Cloud is a simple yet effective cloud provider which you can conveniently use for business development and move a step ahead towards the future.

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