Break, Prepare And Optimize Apps To Enhance Cloud Journey

Break, Prepare And Optimize Apps To Enhance Cloud Journey

Break, Prepare And Optimize Apps To Enhance Cloud Journey

Enhancing the cloud journey is not accessible until one knows the right way. Here, Microsoft has announced the best ways to improve the cloud journey.

  1. Azure Chaos Studio – Not everyone can be confident to know how the apps will respond to various failure scenarios. The Azure Chaos Studio will enable the clients to model and deliberately introduce the failures that simulate the real-world outages. This will validate how the app will perform under these conditions. The insights generated will accelerate the process of finding hard-to-find issues from the development till the production stage.

With Chaos Studio, one can:

  • Invest more time in knowing about application resiliency without the need for managing tools and scripts.

  • Validate the product quality whenever required with CI/CD pipeline integration for monitoring the quality through continuous validation.

  • Get started with the agent-based failures quickly that will disrupt the resources and service-based failures that will disrupt the resources at the control plane.

  1. Azure Landing Zone – Azure landing zone conceptual architecture is the master plan for architecture based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. It will enable you to innovate securely in alignment with the cloud operation model. This will work best for the companies and help them progress through different stages, arriving at the destination with more comfort.

  2. Cloud Economics – New cost management approach has been introduced, which will guide the business strategy and goals definition. This approach is to help every customer to understand the cloud economics of the investments. It includes the financial tools and templates that are used to build the business case and optimize the cloud investment.

So, what’s next? Learn more about Azure cloud with Azure cloud certification at EkasCloud to know how to track the money spent on the cloud and ways to optimize it.

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