Cisco Certifications can help you establish your collaboration ability.

Cisco Certifications can help you establish your collaboration ability.

Cisco Certifications can help you establish your collaboration ability.


In only the last decade, the way we do things – and where we work – has evolved dramatically. With the continued expansion of communications devices, this shift will continue.

Gartner predicts that by 2016, 40 per cent of the workforce will be mobile. Furthermore, more companies have personnel in various buildings, cities, states, and even nations.

Collaboration is the key to corporate success and creativity, but workplace changes necessitate new approaches. You can't count on being able to huddle in the cubicle down the hall anymore. People may now participate and develop anywhere, at any time, thanks to advances in technology.

Today's modern IT workers must wear several hats to facilitate this change. The era of having a separate voice guru, a specialist video professional, and someone else to handle collaborative tools is long gone. Several trends are concurrent, and IT job positions are merging. Several businesses have joined video and voice expert positions to specialise.

How can you explain and establish that you have the capabilities to generate business benefits utilising Cisco collaboration solutions as a network engineer?

By obtaining certification.

Cisco has revealed the extension of its Collaboration Certification Portfolio, which guides the most efficient use of collaboration technologies.

The certification also comprises associate (CCNA) and Professional (CCNP) levels, giving collaboration, audio, and visual network technicians a comprehensive career track to accept the new way of doing things.

What are the advantages?

Those interested in the Cisco networking certification course and training may expect to receive the following benefits:

  • Improvement of video and speech capabilities to help network engineers and others fill a skills deficit in these fields.

  • Curriculum and labs focus on real-world best practices using the newest Cisco networking services and solutions.

  • The competence is validated from Associate to Expert through a comprehensive certification programme.


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