DevOps Career 2021

DevOps Career 2021

25-Aug-2021 06:02:34 am

DevOps has become the latest IT buzzword. Not only the DevOps techniques widely been used, it provides high pay as well. The DevOps engineer career path offers a bright future. DevOps can be described as a practice which is the combination of software development and infrastructure operations in order to club and increase both department’s efficiency and performance.

DevOps has many opportunities and it offers a wide range of roles that are both general and specialized based on the demand. Starting at a junior DevOps engineer role, there is plenty of room for growth into senior, manager, or architect roles. 

DevOps Career

DevOps is a method that allows organizations to grow quickly and achieve high performance. Many organizations adopting this method/philosophy/culture to improve collaboration and break down the bottlenecks. DevOps techniques provides Developers to deploy their code up to 30 times more frequently than their competitors.

Key roles and responsibilities include: 

  1. Improvement of the design of an IT infrastructure. 
  2. As a Project manager of an IT assignment, and answer all the relevant questions. 
  3. Performance testing and benchmarking of IT systems.
  4. To get rid of hidden time drain by optimization of release cycles. 
  5. Introducing different methods of smooth process execution. 
  6. Automate and build software plugins that can reduce the IT team’s load. 
  7. Automation of security along with development and operation processes. 
  8. Help to eliminate TTD (time to deduct) and minimise TTM (time to minimise) through effective reporting and monitoring of IT systems. 

The DevOps basically work with internal teams, rarely working with external customers or end-users. saw a 75% increase in listings for DevOps positions. However, has seen a 50% increase in DevOps skills.

DevOps Salaries

According to's salary graph, DevOps job opportunities have been increasing rapidly since the middle of 2015. The demand for professionals in DevOps engineering saw a sharp rise in the US.

According to, salaries for qualified DevOps engineering professionals working in the US are upwards of $93,000. Similar data from shows that an Indian DevOps engineer earns an average of 6.5L. 

Here are the DevOps engineer average salary expectations in top countries: 


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DevOps Roles

DevOps Architect

DevOps architects are responsible for designing and implementing DevOps processes within an organization or team. They have the tools necessary to automate the processes.They monitor, review, and manage the technical operations from a leadership standpoint.

Release Manager

A release manager in a DevOps environment is responsible for managing, planning, monitoring, controlling, and controlling software development and deployment. A release manager ensures that the development and operations teams are in sync. This allows for frequent, but brief feedback loops. DevOps culture has a release manager who plays part of a project manager.

Security Engineer

DevSecOps Engineer has the responsibilities include configuration management and log management. DevOps is based on continuous security and it should be made available to production in the traditional waterfall software development cycle.

Automation Engineer

An automation engineer in DevOps is responsible for maintaining and developing the CI/CD process of all applications and their builds. This engineer uses tools such as Maven, Jenkins Git, Gerrit and Gradle. They would automate configuration management across platforms and infrastructure using configuration management tools such as Ansible (Chef), Puppet (SaltStack), Fabric, etc.

An automation engineer also manages the creation and administration of virtual machines and containers with tools like Vagrant and Docker. Automation engineers also log and monitor activities using tools such as Nagios and Zabbix, ELK stack and Splunk.

Software Tester

In order to be a DevOps engineer, a test engineer must align their test design, test cases and test automation with the DevOps framework. The software tester verifies that code conforms to the acceptance criteria set forth by the release manager.

Integration Specialist

Integration specialists work with the software development and infrastructure teams to ensure code continuity and integration.