Disney's Usage Cloud in an Innovative Way.

Disney's Usage Cloud in an Innovative Way.

Disney's Usage Cloud in an Innovative Way.


The Walt Disney Industry is consistently looking for innovative methods to improve its business network while pushing boundaries of a wonderful customer experience. With theme parks worldwide that draw millions of visitors each year, the business behemoth must stay current and innovative.

Disney has filed a patent request for a sensor module accessible through cloud technology. The system allows Disney to recognise guests based on the form and size of their feet. Robots can swiftly retrieve data for each guest using the cloud's abilities, allowing more park visitors to benefit from this tech.

What are the functions of these sensors?

  • All of the info would be transferred to the cloud, where it could be accessed by all of the sensors throughout the park.

  • Disney may use this monitoring to discover visitor interests and how much foot traffic they're getting.

  • Other visitor monitoring technologies exist, such as fingerprints or ocular scans; but, Disney judged these techniques excessively intrusive and invasive.

  • Although the patent has already been awarded, this technique will not be implemented anytime soon.

  • As per the Orlando Sentinel, the foot tracking devices might be part of their research into new tech.

  • Disney utilises a typical cloud architecture and its capabilities to support a cutting-edge concept.

  • In this case, the ideal option to make the foot sensor monitoring as efficient as possible is to use the service.

  • Because all of the info is stored in the cloud, the robots or workers responsible for greeting guests may access it immediately.

Companies like Disney can use the cloud to grow and introduce new innovative services, ensuring that consumers are happy and well-cared after.

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