Does Information privacy exist or not?

Does Information privacy exist or not?

02-Aug-2021 21:01:08 pm

Does Information Privacy exist or not?

For the past few decades of Internet era, the most Valuable Asset in the Planet is Data. Data or Information privacy is the term used to understand that governing how data is collected, shared and used rather than the Data protection term which means to say protecting data from internal and external attackers.

  • Ad companies using the information to target their audience potential
  • Online information has a huge money market involved
  • To categorize and identify Consumer behavior
  • Insurance Companies and Bank need more information about people financial status
  • Social Media links and Apps never sleeps to follow people and their interests
  • Connected devices carry and communicate vast amounts of personal information, both visible and invisible.
  • Websites will use the login credentials for their research purpose

As a strict norm, any individual / enterprises collect data means, it should be ensured that personal information is secured and restricted with Role Based Access control and they should have the practice of encrypt it. Everyone will want their data privacy assurance, thus honest collection and self-esteemed awareness to be imposed before sharing to others which should evolve as individuals’ discipline.

It is better every organization to disclose their privacy policy explaining why they need customer data and which is open to the public access. Moreover, it should meet the legal laws regarding privacy.

First and the foremost thing is that all individual’s responsibility should understand the worthiness and value of each and every data. We are all aware that once data is on the Internet it can’t be fetched back. Data privacy laws allow individuals to request deletion of personal data from specific companies. The information is deleted from that company but may be available elsewhere. Bottom line: do not rely on data privacy laws to fully protect your information. To conclude, it is the sole responsibility of everyone about their / others data to access and handle them carefully in such a manner it should not leave even a hunch whether it is getting stolen or misused.