Features and benefits of Red Hat Linux Service

Features and benefits of Red Hat Linux Service

Features and benefits of Red Hat Linux Service


Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a Linux operating system for businesses that have been certified on hundreds of clouds and by thousands of vendors. Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives any application a stable foundation across environments and the tools it needs to provide services and workloads faster. Red Hat Enterprise Linux lowers deployment costs and accelerates time to value critical workloads, allowing development and operational teams to collaborate in any environment.


Red Hat Linux training takes your hybrid cloud infrastructure to the edge, extending it to hundreds of thousands of nodes throughout the world. Create edge-optimized OS images, reduce workflow pauses caused by OS updates, more effectively transfer system updates, and trust automatic health checks and rollbacks.

Mitigate, secure, and comply are the three points of Red Hat Enterprise Linux's security solution. Built-in security measures assist you in defending against threats while also ensuring that you meet regulatory standards.


To ensure 24x7 availability for its production systems, Tomago Aluminium, Australia's largest aluminium smelter, requires a robust, reliable infrastructure and excellent visibility into IT performance. The organisation switched its SAP HANA environment to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions, supported by Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and IBM hardware to sustain availability at scale while enhancing development productivity. Tomago Aluminium has improved development efficiency, consolidated its server footprint, and enhanced system and data security thanks to improved management and insight.


  • At scale, operations were optimised, and availability was maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Using automation, we were able to increase the efficiency of our development process.

  • Infrastructure expenditures are reduced as a result of a consolidated server footprint.

  • Improved security by resolving issues faster and giving you more control.

You would now be familiar with the influence of Linux over the big scale industry, so having a RedHat Linux training at EkasCloud will help you be on top of your game.

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