Growing Interest In Using Azure Among The Companies

Growing Interest In Using Azure Among The Companies

Growing Interest In Using Azure Among The Companies

Why use Azure?

This is a common question for many people, and here I am with the answer for you. Before that, what is Microsoft Azure? It’s a popular platform that comprises hundreds of cloud services that can be purchased either as individual products, interconnected products, or end-to-end pipelines for use.

This As Service business model removes the need for the firms to invest in expensive company-owned and managed IT infrastructure. It contains virtual machines, machine learning services, AI, virtual networks, blockchain services, container instances, user and group identity services, DevOps pipelines, IoT infrastructure, storage solutions, and many more.

Azure’s suite is constantly expanding, with the cloud quickly becoming the go-to strategy for innovation in business IT services. With its easy-to-use interface, top products, simpler implementation of IT infrastructure, and various pricing models, Azure is the top choice of many companies. Since many companies feel safe with their security and compliance tools, firms prefer using Azure to secure their data and applications.

A look at the rise in use of Azure:

While Azure doesn’t publish its accurate number of current users, we can see that there is an increase of about 62% in 2020 compared to 2019. This percentage is more than 70% which means there is an increase in the number of users adopting Azure.

In simple words, since its creation, Microsoft Azure has made its place in the top three public cloud platforms. Microsoft claims that 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure to ensure smooth business operations.

Azure has proved its individuality in the competitive market with its unique strength, using the legacy footholds in firms to ease reluctant organizations to the cloud. Learn more about Azure and its adoption with Azure cloud training online at EkasCloud.


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