How does Azure allows you to innovate safely?

How does Azure allows you to innovate safely?

How does Azure allows you to innovate safely?


Malware, supply chain assaults, phishing, and identity fraud have increased dramatically in the last year. Security teams are frequently understaffed, and the number of security signals overwhelms them. From the cloud service itself to the security operations processes, security must be a core premise that permeates every part of the development process.

Azure is the only cloud-based platform that a security firm created.

To meet these problems, you must include security through every layer of your infrastructure. Being the only major cloud platform designed by a security company, Azure gives you the ability to do so.

We get protection in a nutshell. This vast knowledge influences our approach to Azure security, which is built-in, contemporary, and comprehensive.

Security is a journey rather than a goal. Attackers from well-funded nation-states will never stop innovating. That's why it's critical to pick a cloud provider continually on the lookout for security risks, increasing the bar on platform security, and evaluating best practices.

Here are 5 actions that we recommend you do right now as an Azure customer, whether you're a new or current user:

  • Switch on Azure Secure Score - Azure Secure Score is a numeric view of your Azure security posture that can be seen in the Azure Security Center.

  • Multi-factor authentication should be enabled since identity is such a big danger vector, and it dramatically minimises risk.

  • Turn on Azure Defender for all cloud applications to guard against threats like remote desktop protocol (RDP) ruthlessness attacks, SQL injections, store account assaults, and more. With a few clicks, you can start Azure Defender.

  • For each website, enable Azure WAF and DDoS protection. This will defend your online forms from harmful assaults and typical web vulnerabilities.

  • To safeguard Azure virtual networks, enable Azure Firewall for each subscription.

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