How Does Cloud Architecture Help The Organizations?

How Does Cloud Architecture Help The Organizations?

How Does Cloud Architecture Help The Organizations?



Cloud architecture is defined as the technology components combined to build a cloud where all the resources are pooled through the virtualization technology and shared across a network. The vital components of the cloud architecture include:


  • A front-end platform

  • One or more back-end platforms

  • Cloud-based delivery methodology

  • A network to connect the cloud servers, storage and clients.


Together all these technologies create the cloud computing architecture on which the applications can run, providing the end-users with the ability to leverage the power of the cloud resources.


Why should you adopt cloud architecture in your business?


Businesses have many reasons to adopt cloud architecture. The primary reasons are:


  1. Accelerate the delivery of new apps.

  2. Take advantage of the cloud-native architecture to modernize the applications and accelerate the digital transformation.

  3. Ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

  4. Deliver greater transparency into the resources to cut down the costs and prevent data breaches.

  5. Enable the faster provisioning of resources.

  6. Utilize the hybrid architecture to support the real-time scalability for the applications as business needs change.

  7. Meet the service targets consistently.

  8. Leverage the cloud reference architecture to gain insight into the IT spending patterns and cloud utilization.


The three primary cloud architecture models are driving the companies to the cloud. The key features of it are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). For the unified approach to the building, running and managing the applications on the cloud, a cloud architect is necessary.


Proper planning will help handle the real-time cost and offer future proof IT business environment. Are you interested in knowing more about cloud architecture? Take the cloud architect course online at EkasCloud for professional training at your flexible timing.

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