How Does Google Cloud Make IT More Productive?

How Does Google Cloud Make IT More Productive?

How Does Google Cloud Make IT More Productive?



The rapid adoption of Google Cloud has primarily resulted in improved productivity. The emergence of cloud providers is helping IT administrators become more proactive decision-makers. This cloud adoption helps IT professionals reduce their time handling many tasks regardless of the company’s size or experience.


The freeing up of time previously spent on manual tasks opens the door for the IT pros to expand their roles. Cloud adoption has made it easier to focus more on strategic initiatives that add value to the organization. The experts usually spend around 25% less time on the scheduled maintenance, 23% less time on unscheduled maintenance and 20% less time on storage management.


Also, it has decreased on an average of 27% less time on data recovery and 21% less time on upgrades. This time saving has led the administrators to substitute the routine work for various proactive tasks and other development.


Google Cloud advanced services:


  1. Pub/Sub – Pub/Sub (Publish-and-subscribe) is a mechanism that replaces the message queues used by the middleware during the earlier times of client/server applications. This one application can notify others of the progress or about any requests they have.


  1. Cloud AutoML – It is a pre-configured service capable of ingesting the pre-existing data and employing the machine learning models on that data to detect the patterns. It reduces the need for extra code to automate the process of learning patterns in data.


  1. TensorFlow enterprise – It distributes its full-scale enterprise edition that incorporates such as engine through the Google Cloud. In this way, developers can integrate the capabilities such as fraud detection, video scanning and behavioural prediction directly into containerized applications.


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