How Google Cloud Helped Battle COVID 19

How Google Cloud Helped Battle COVID 19

How Google Cloud Helped Battle COVID 19



Google, started as a search engine, has diversified its services and extended to a cloud platform. Here are some of the ways Google Cloud, Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps Platform, and other Google products collaborate to help healthcare organisations, researchers, and patients handle the COVID-19 pandemic's unique obstacles. Thus you can know the importance of google cloud online training and use it to shape your career


By providing take-home devices, monitoring health digitally, and scheduling virtual visits, Google Cloud helps support your patients remotely while also protecting caregiver and patient safety. Thus, it allows doctors and patients to follow Covid protocols and eliminate unwanted human contact thus, reducing the risk of spreading infection.


Many COVID-19-related government and healthcare websites were experiencing traffic difficulties due to the high volume of users, and even some of the websites failed. As a result, Google Cloud is now offering content delivery network services and scalable cloud resources.

It also built the COVID-19 National Response Portal, an open data platform, collaborating with HCA Healthcare and SADA to aid communities in their pandemic response. The technology allows providers to securely communicate anonymised, aggregated data to build a comprehensive, real-time picture of the pandemic.


With a pre-hosted library of public healthcare information, Google Cloud assisted healthcare institutions in studying COVID-19. Looker's pre-built analysis and dashboards can be applied to these datasets by local providers and crisis planners.

Healthcare businesses may find vital equipment, provide testing site locations, give patients instructions, and route medical delivery to recipients using the Google Maps Platform in conjunction with COVID-19 information.

Google is one of the top companies that has lent its resourceful services to the world, thus fulfilling its corporate social responsibility in need. If you want to be a part of the cloud services of Google, you can take up google cloud online training from EkasCloud who is providing expert training and coaching on the course.


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