How LG Uses Azure Services

How LG Uses Azure Services

How LG Uses Azure Services


LG is one of the well-known electronic brands worldwide. It is a South Korean multinational electronics corporation. LG Electronics is a division of LG Corporation headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. LG wants to update itself to current technologies and digitalisation like all businesses. So, LG has decided to join hands with Microsoft azure seeking its service to smoothen the transformation process. If you are doing an azure cloud computing course, then take a note of what is coming up next and what kind of tech service you can provide.




LG and Microsoft collaborate on automobile infotainment systems, building management systems, and other B2B collaborations. LG will use Microsoft Azure and AI services to accelerate the digital transformation of its B2B business growth engines, as revealed at CES 2020.

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LG and Microsoft began working together a year ago to improve and expand LG's autonomous vehicle and infotainment system business. LG plans to broaden the scope of new projects beyond the automotive industry and the commercial sector.

LG intends to improve its management systems so that its Building Energy Operate (BECON) system can more efficiently manage and control HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems utilising Azure. The company will develop the next edition of BECON with Azure data and hybrid cloud + AI services while expanding its BECON system worldwide with Microsoft's help.

LG fosters innovation and gives its customers new value-added services by building its digital capabilities and data-driven culture. This process is not only for LG but all the other firms too.

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