How Linux Can Help You Build Your Testing Process

How Linux Can Help You Build Your Testing Process

How Linux Can Help You Build Your Testing Process


It is hard to exist without a quality control method in any product field. Companies that create software should ensure that their quality control dept is fully equipped. Let's take a deeper look at what succeeds a QA engineer as a specialist in the field, as well as what extra abilities can be helpful.

There are three major approaches to doing software quality assurance:

  • Manual testing is a hands-on approach to checking, similar to "click and compare."

  • Testing automation — a script is written to perform the test.

  • Continuous monitoring is more complicated than automation testing in terms of processing power.

As a tester, it's necessary to learn Linux.

Awareness of Linux commands is one of the talents included in the tester profile. It's critical because, as an accessible operating system, Linux gives devs and testers more options to dive deep into the software platform while being limited to almost nothing, thanks to its abundance of tools and viewpoints to learn.

You must be familiar with Shell, Daemon, Man Command, the Linux method, Linux domain operations, "sed", "cp", "mv", "head", "tail" commands, and so on as a screening specialist. You must be acquainted with Linux commands and functions to demonstrate effective testing job performance. It will be much easier to set up test cases and run tests if you have a good grasp of Linux commands.


The testing process necessitates a high level of technical and commercial understanding. Studying Linux is essential for staying ahead of things and executing comprehensive, effective testing. Free OS provides all of the toolkits and commands necessary to help you reach your full potential.

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