How Nasa Uses Ansible

How Nasa Uses  Ansible

How Nasa Uses Ansible


Ansible is a tool for automating tasks. It is a software application that automates cross-platform computer assistance in a simple but effective way. It's primarily aimed at IT pros, who use it for application deployment, workstation and server updates, cloud provisioning, configuration management, intra-service orchestration, and practically anything else a systems administrator does on a weekly or daily basis. Ansible, a RedHat course, is because it doesn't require any agent software or other security architecture.




Everything was done by hand, using task documents as a guide. They began to use shell scripts as time went on. Even the simplest tasks were exceedingly taxing.


The main goal of NASA WESTPRIME was to migrate around 65 applications from a traditional hardware-based data centre to a cloud-based environment in a short amount of time. Because of the tight deadline, several apps were transferred 'as-is' to the cloud. Although the shift in infrastructure allowed NASA to save money, it did not allow for immediate cloud optimization of applications and sites. As a result, even simple tasks like ensuring that every system administrator had access to every server or simple patching become incredibly difficult.




Ansible tower is used to manage their environment in a scheduled and organized manner. They were able to gain the following efficiencies as a result of using Ansible Tower:

Using a simple 10-line Ansible playbook, Ansible Tower is being used to patch NASA web app servers on a regular and automated basis.

Ansible is also being used to address security issues, as it did earlier this year when both OpenSSL flaws were addressed.

Every week, Ansible updates the complete and mobile versions of, which takes roughly 5 minutes.


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