How Netflix Uses Aws

How Netflix Uses Aws

How Netflix Uses Aws

Amazon web service is one of the largest cloud service providers, is catering for the need of Netflix, the fifth-largest company in the world.  Netflix is the most prominent streaming television service globally, with more than 200 million users in 190 countries viewing 125 million hours of TV shows and movies each day. Let us see how it helps manage Netflix data and how cloud certification courses online will be helpful for a cloud career.

Amazon Web Service And Netflix

Netflix uses Amazon Web Services for nearly all of its processing and storage needs. This also includes databases, analytics, recommendation engines, video transcoding, and more hundreds of tasks that use over 100,000 AWS server instances in total.

AWS also handles computing, storing, and networking, allowing the company to expand quickly, operate safely, and meet power demands anywhere on the globe. Netflix, a well-known video distributor, has also developed a cloud studio on AWS. Netflix can engage top artistic talent worldwide through this virtual studio, and Netflix artists and partners can interact without technological or geographical constraints.

Netflix set out to build a cloud-based visual effects studio using NICE DCV. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has created a high-performance remote display standard that enables clients to securely offer remote desktops and app streaming to any device, regardless of network circumstances, from any cloud or data centre.

Netflix artists and collaborators now have access to AWS virtual workstations that are flexible, secure, high-performing, and cost-effective. It helps remove technological and geographic obstacles for artists and collaborate creatively on Netflix's VFX and animation projects.

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