How to deal with three multi-tenancy security concerns?

How to deal with three multi-tenancy security concerns?

How to deal with three multi-tenancy security concerns?


Organisations generate several profiles and subscriber contracts among different providers as they shift to the cloud. When engaging in silos or utilising numerous accounts for various services simultaneously, there are three significant multi-tenancy security risks to be aware of.

  1. Account visibility is limited.

When several accounts and subscriptions are used, access into user and subscription setups and asset inventory can become a problem. Logging and cloud-native monitoring solutions are available from main PaaS and IaaS cloud service environments. Cloud security posture management, for example, may assist in centralising surveillance and configuration management.

  1. Privileges that are distributed across the board

Different accounts & subscriptions agreements might lead to access overallocation and uneven privilege assignment. DevOps and cloud technical staff often have a lot of power regarding deployments and setting up environments. AWS Groups and Azure admin groups are two services that can help you consolidate identity policy across a multi-tenant operation.

  1. Ineffective data security monitoring

Cloud data protection is complicated because of the various types of information storage services offered. User migration plans must be developed with the assistance of security teams for new encryption keys created in a centralised key distribution service deployment to be used. Several tenants can utilise services centrally, but they must be adequately designed and deployed.

Solving multi-tenancy security problems

The intricacy of having several renters is another disadvantage. Even the most developed businesses will lose occupants and assets if central governance, supervision, and configuration management are not prioritised.

Using connectivity patterns for all deploys and centralised services for all tenants may dramatically reduce dispersal and setup risks.

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