Improve business security in the age of remote work with AWS

Improve business security in the age of remote work with AWS

Improve business security in the age of remote work with AWS


As businesses continue to grow their footprint towards the digital world by taking the processes and data online, the cloud environment has become more vital than ever. Eventhough they increase the use of cloud-based tools, they are more vulnerable to security threats. 

Individuals are compelled to work remotely in recent times as an effect of the global pandemic. With the increased use of cloud systems, cybercriminals are seeking to exploit. When depending on the cloud infrastructure, we depend on it not only to perform digital operations but also to keep the data safe.

To help secure the operations and data, AWS provides great security features and safeguards the cloud's data. Here is how you can handle security risks from remote working.

  • Encrypt the data – Ensure that the device you have uses the encryption method for improved security. 

  • Take advantage of the virtual work environment – AWS offers the WorkSpaces that allow the users to run virtual Windows/Linus workspaces in the cloud. This will help you have complete control, and all your data will remain in your infrastructure.

  • Enable multi-factor authentication – Using a password management solution to store all the static passwords for services, avoid reusing the same passwords, generate random passwords, and enable multi-factor authentication features will help increase the security.

  • Set up IAM – AWS security services, especially Identity Access Management (IAM), offers many controls to restrict the access quite exactly. The AWS resources are usually private, and the automation helps build systems that are repeatable and testable without introducing any risks.

Knowing more details about AWS will help in optimizing business and enhancing security, especially while working remotely. With AWS training and certification at EkasCloud, you can enhance your skills at flexible timings and dates at an affordable rate.