Influence Of Big Data In The Healthcare Industry

Influence Of Big Data In The Healthcare Industry

Influence Of Big Data In The Healthcare Industry


The future of healthcare organizations starts with accurate data analytics. Healthcare organizations are refurbishing their investments in precision medicine and big data analytics to improve patient experience and outcomes. Though there are recent advancements to implement the data models into the clinical systems, there are still many challenges in the adoption on a global scale.

Recent technologies allow the collection of a large set of data from multiple resources such as wearable healthcare devices, medical records, personal health records and many more. The healthcare industry's biggest challenge nowadays is improving the organization and implementing the large set of data so that health science will continue to progress.

A major barrier in accessing health data:

Medical records include in-depth data related to one's mental and physical health status, including both the present and past. This data should be secured properly and will not be available to the public. The current technological infrastructure for managing, moving, and manipulating medical data is not easily available since many significant barriers are faced while trying to access these types of data.

How does Big Data help in fixing these issues?

Large volumes of medical data can be repurposed to identify the novel risks or the treatment choices applicable for that particular individual to improve the health-related outcomes. COVID-19 impact has changed the health industry in many ways, especially by speeding up digitalization.

AI has proven efficient to fight in this situation where the spread of the deadly virus is more. AI has supported diagnosis and prognosis, treatment and cures, data dashboards, tracking the spread of diseases and prediction and many more.

According to market research, Big Data is expected to reach over $123 billion by 2025. Learn more about Big Data with Big data training courses at EkasCloud.

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