Interesting Uses Of Microsoft Azure Which Makes It Popular Among Companies

Interesting Uses Of Microsoft Azure Which Makes It Popular Among Companies

05-Jan-2022 18:07:52 pm

Cloud computing – If you are in the IT field, then surely you would have heard about it. Cloud computing applications and platforms are quickly growing across all types of industries serving as the best IT infrastructure that drives the new digital businesses. We can also say that these cloud computing applications and platforms have revolutionized the ways in which businesses function.

In fact, it is said that about 80% of businesses today use at least some portion of cloud services. While there are many cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google, companies choose the cloud provider based on the requirement and cost.

Now, it's time to dig deep. Now let's know why many companies use Azure. Since already many of us know what are the services offered by Azure, let's explore the various uses of Azure without wasting time.

Uses of Azure:

  • App development – One can create any web application with the help of Azure.

  • Testing – After the development of the application successfully, one can test it for quality.

  • Application hosting – Once all the testing is carried out properly, users can host the application with Azure.

  • Integrate and synchronize features – Azure lets the users integrate and synchronize virtual devices and directories.

  • Creation of virtual machines – Users can create the virtual machines in any configuration they need with Azure.

  • Collect and store metrics – Azure offers a hand in the collection and storage of metrics which will help in finding works.

  • Virtual hard drivers – These are the extensions of virtual machines that provide a huge amount of storage for storing data.

With several benefits and more than 200 services, Azure is undoubtedly the fastest-growing cloud platform that is being adopted by companies. Hence, learn more about it with cloud certification courses online at EkasCloud.

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