Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

22-Jul-2021 17:27:01 pm

The Internet of Things works as the brain of the connected assets. The advent of IoT has empowered the transportation sector. An IoT powered vehicle tracking system will help to analyze all the aspects such as driver’s speed, locations travelled and fuel consumed, etc so that the fleet managers can take relaxation by experiencing advent of technology with the effective functioning of the transports. Tracking the shipments, monitoring the vehicles, cargo conditions, everything is also possible through IoT. 

Education and training sectors now majorly rely on the information integrated from IoT nodes with other data sources, to provide enhanced services and experiences. There are studies that capitalize on this collected information to understand user learning patterns, quantifying their online learning experience by measuring their concentration levels, measuring the impact of ease of accessibility of the learning content, and collecting IoT-based feedback. It becomes common use of electronic devices as an effective pedagogical tool during the hands-on lab practices for students undertaking EdTech training. However, there exists challenges in adopting IoT-based educational solutions, such as wireless coverage, high sensor costs, battery life, and crucially a lack of standard security and privacy measures. Everyday new updates are evolving to sort out the issues of the deployment of IoT solutions in the education industry.

Consistent internet connection and ultra-responsive, resilient, low-latency communication provided by 5G systems will materialize the interaction between human and machine through IoT applications and mobile computing a grand success. There are so many factors like that could be devices, enterprises, algorithms, or humans in near future will make a collaboration so that revolution of digital and real world will travel parallelly which should be monitored and regulated by common policies and rules.

The risks in the cloud based IOT can be classified as high by either related to the human factor or to the software components of the system. Hence the IoT Vulnerabilities should overcome by tightened security settings, trusted credentials authorization and authentication or through devices ,interfaces and portals encryption mechanism.