Key Takeaways Of AWS In 2021 At A Glance

Key Takeaways Of AWS In 2021 At A Glance

Key Takeaways Of AWS In 2021 At A Glance


AWS is a popular cloud service provider that is being increasingly used by various companies. As AWS provides more innovative solutions and strategies, customers are successfully migrating towards the cloud and managing their business operations with ease.

Here are three takeaways of how AWS is paving the way for the business to achieve success:

  1. Being a digital transformation partner:

With AWS continuing to provide new solutions and technologies to advance the competencies, firms are looking at AWS more than just a cloud service provider. AWS is becoming a digital transformation partner for various companies.

AWS has reached the centre place in the enterprise, which drives core business processes to grow. AWS offers many services for the future of a company by combining the strength of AWS with the business goals to help the customers in digital transformation and drive the business outcomes.

  1. Increasing sustainability:

In the past year, we all witnessed that companies are stepping up to make sustainability, climate change and the environment a large part of the platform. To become carbon neutral by 2030, it's possible while a proper goal is scheduled.

Investing in renewable energy enables the company to leverage natural energy sources without the need to invest in fossil fuels. AWS's climate innovations that help customers are customer carbon footprint tool, Graviton3 chip and well-architected sustainability pillar.

  1. Focusing more on automation and ease of use:

AWS continues to focus on reducing the burden of the customers, which includes reducing the manual tasks and encouraging automation. Several tools that are used for this purpose are Amazon SageMaker Canvas, Amazon Redshift Serverless, AWS Amplify Studio and AWS Mainframe Modernization.

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