Latest Arrival in Digital Twin Scanner

Latest Arrival in Digital Twin Scanner

Latest Arrival in Digital Twin Scanner

Q-Bio has unveiled a new digital twin platform called Q-Bio Gemini. It is a revolutionary new technology changing the face of healthcare today. A whole-body scan collects data from a patient to create a virtual replica that reflects the patient's health, genetics, and lifestyle and also adapts to changes in his anatomy and biochemistry.

It is set to change the way patients experience tests and scans by offering a full-body scan in under 15 minutes without the use of radiation or uncomfortable positions. The procedure is also non-invasive and also monitors the patient's health in real-time after the data has been visualized. This data can then be shared with doctors and health professionals so they can make more informed decisions for patients who seek treatments.

Q-Bio Gemini is powered by a scanner named Mark I, which is the next step in understanding how diseases progress and can aid in future personalization of healthcare.

Using Magnetic Resonance, the scanner measures structural changes in the body. Changes as small as one thousand of a meter can be detected. Such variations help in updating biomarkers whose changes are associated with diseases and other ailments.

Q-Bio was founded in 2015 to use technology to advance proactive care. They are powered by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, physicists, genetic engineers, biologists, and other professionals. Currently based in CA, they have raised a capital of over $80 million to develop their Gemini prototype.