Linux for Supercars

Linux for Supercars

Linux for Supercars

Red Hat has revealed plans to develop a new Linux-based operating system specifically for the car industry. The enterprise-focused open-source software company is emphasising safety and continual certification as key selling elements with this campaign. So, if you are planning to get your hands on red hat Linux training, this is the right time to do it since there are lots of opportunities and growth

Red Hat is known for its enterprise-grade Linux distribution, which will be the foundation for its new road vehicle platform. Red Hat has teamed up with Exida, functional safety and product certification company, to give ongoing certifications for various applications, ranging from infotainment to driving operations.

Open-Source Proliferation

Red Hat is known for its enterprise-grade Linux distribution, which will be the foundation for its new road vehicle platform. Most apps now employ open-source software because it eliminates the need for enterprises to establish every component internally and allows them to scale more quickly, thanks to the strength of community-led development. That's why Red Hat is working to bring a dedicated Linux solution to market designed exclusively for road-going vehicles. This is similar to what Red Hat has done in the past, growing a multibillion-dollar business by providing corporations with a hardened solution that focuses on security and add-on services.

The prospect of employing open-source software, which assures they retain control of everything, including their data, will be highly enticing to large automobile businesses worldwide.

Red Hat hasn't specified a release date for its new automotive Linux product, which will be determined by the time it takes to certify Red Hat Enterprise Linux components for use in vehicles. However, the company stated that the product's reach might potentially be expanded beyond highways to include robotics and manufacturing equipment.

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