15-Sep-2021 06:55:41 am

Machine co creativity means refers to the ability of machines to be creative and artistic, specifically to enhance the work of humans in creative and design processes with the help of Artificial intelligence.

First of all, before we look into the specifics of Machine Co-creativity and Augmented design, we as humans had a conclusion that Machines cannot be creative and artistic and the reason behind this is we thought machines are now capable of being incredibly productive and productive and then there’s one trait we seen as uniquely human which is producing art and other creative endeavors. This ability to imagine and create something which hasn’t been existed before can’t be possibly matched by machines.

But that conclusion of us had become eventually false, in fact machines are becoming more convenient by taking more and more creative tasks with human intuition which we wouldn’t have thought possible a few years back. The lines between what humans can accomplish and what machines can do are becoming increasingly blurred.

So how can machines be so creative? To understand this, we have to define creativity. Creativity is the production of new knowledge from already existing knowledge  and  the end product of creativity is an idea or an object which has never existed before and this process is achieved by problem solving, Still many people argue that machines can’t be creative because they aren’t there in the real world , showing emotions, but that’s not the case,  it’s by their nature order to be creative which need problem solving skills which machines already have which is also being improvised by Artificial intelligence and they can  gain more knowledge from the internet than a human  in their entire lifetime.

So, there’s a difference between Machine creativity and co creativity.

Machine Co-Creativity:

 Machine co creativity refers AI ability to collaborate and assist in humans creative and artistic endeavors. This is an important distinction as AI has not yet given machines the capability to author creative works purely on their own (Machine Creativity). In this way machines act just as a catalyst for human creativity and not a master. And right now, machines assist us in the field of music and art.

To make machine co creativity an application of business world, that’s where Augmented design comes in.

Augmented Design:

Augmented design is a subset of machine co-creativity that specifically focuses on utilizing artificial intelligence in conjunction with humans to enhance the design process. This symbiosis between humans and machines is already being used to great success in business. Greater collaboration with machines in the design process means a quick turnaround in the manufacturing process. In this way augmented design can help your time and money in your business in a long term.

Machine co creativity and Augmented design and similar AI based applications are going great development process right now and we are not so far from fully AI assisted world. The important thing of AI based applications is that it should be created in a such a way that it should be only used to assist humans and not master them. A clear boundary should be placed for AI based assistance for human tasks in the coming years.