Manage Windows Servers easily with an effective solution

Manage Windows Servers easily with an effective solution

Manage Windows Servers easily with an effective solution



Servers – We all hear about the significant innovations in Windows Server frequently. While all the companies move digitally, an updated server is essential to manage the business environment. We all know that a company should handle both individual servers and servers at scale. Microsoft also knows that not all companies will be in the same stage of their hybrid journey.


That’s why they offer scaled management tools centred for hybrid managed in Azure and on-premises. Whatever may be your management requirement, you can get the complete set of services such as backup, monitoring, patching, governing and automation.


Need for updating the server management strategy:


One of the most exciting innovations in the Windows Server world is the Windows Admin Center. The evolution of the inbox server tools is now being used as the browser-based app for managing clusters, servers, hyper-converged infrastructure, and Windows 10 PCs.


With the web-based experience, one can easily manage a single server. Managing millions of nodes with no additional cost is possible with Windows Server. But it is not a replacement for the Azure Management and System Center, which helps manage servers at a time. In fact, an interesting part is that Windows Admin Center comprises the hybrid on-ramps to Azure Management for the single servers.


With this, one can take advantage of the Azure services for backup with its disaster recovery or unlimited storage to provide redundancy with the owned data centre for patching and more. We all know that Windows Servers are an essential component of the IT infrastructure, and each of them is unique. That is why the management strategy must be updated to support the needs and ensure continuity.


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