Microsoft Azure For Healthcare Industries

Microsoft Azure For Healthcare Industries

Microsoft Azure For Healthcare Industries

Microsoft Cloud for the healthcare companies is expanding its portfolio of interoperability data services for the life science and healthcare industries. The Azure Healthcare APIs is purpose-built for fulfilling the unique requirements of Protected Health Information (PHI). It enables the customers to manage, ingest and persist the data in the cloud for healthcare.

Anyone working with the healthcare data can leverage the Azure Healthcare APIs to bring the different set of PHI together and connect it end-to-end with the tools for AI, analytics and machine learning.

Making data accessible to the real world:

Healthcare APIs enable the search and customizable queries that should be filled in minutes. When one ingests and transform the data from the systems of record through the healthcare APIs, the data will become unified to create a longitudinal patient record with the real-time data. The data can be collected and persevered reliably based on the health data standards across multiple types of health data.

As we further look into the future of the healthcare industry, enabling easy searchability across the system of records will become a powerful starting point. But Azure helps you beyond the ingestion and management of data in the cloud. Also, real-time data plays a vital role in the healthcare industry; hence Azure healthcare APIs support real-time evidence pipelines like support for the coverage decisions, observational studies and clinical trials pipelines.

The healthcare APIs also provide complete control over the data and how it can be accessed through role-based control. This will transform the organization and make it easier for the healthcare industries to move towards the future by connecting to powerful analytical and visualization tools and transforming the patient's experience. 

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