Most Popular And Evolving Big Data Technology 

Most Popular And Evolving Big Data Technology 

Most Popular And Evolving Big Data Technology 


Data is evolving like any other technology in this world. Being a part of the tech world or someone who witnesses all this growth, everyone is stunned to see its growth. You would have also felt amazed, right? The number of industries that store and process data increases every year.

Nonetheless, in this digital era, we upload thousands of photos on Facebook, generate thousands of tweets on Twitter, send millions of emails and do many more every second. Taking Facebook alone, users share 30 billion pieces of information every day, while Google alone processes 40,000 search queries every second, approximately making it more than 3.5 billion in a given day.

Do you know, the data centres in this digital age occupy an area of land that's equal to the size of almost 6000 football fields? In simple words, we can say that the evolution of data is unpredictable. Thanks to the emergence of AI and ML, due to which the essential sub-field Big Data came into existence. Big Data is everywhere, from small enterprises to the entertainment industry.

Popular big data technology:

While we talk about Big Data, we can't miss discussing about one of its popular technology – Tableau. It's a robust technology and can be connected to numerous open-source databases. It allows users to combine data from several sources to create a proper visualization of the collected data.

This platform offers amazing features for its users such as integration with 250 applications, moderate speed in improving the extensive operation, assistance to solve the real-time big data analytics problems and many more. Especially the business owners who wish to know a clear idea about the marketing results can use this technology to get a clear picture of the results from marketing campaigns.

Almost 80% of companies have started utilizing the latest technologies for data analytics. Learn more about how to handle data with Big Data training online at EkasCloud.

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