Optimize Applications Performance With Azure Load Testing

Optimize Applications Performance With Azure Load Testing

Optimize Applications Performance With Azure Load Testing


Azure Load Testing is one of the fully managed Azure services that enable the testers and developers to generate a high-scale load. It can be achieved with custom Apache JMeter scripts to get all the actionable insights to catch and fix performance-related issues.

In today's busy world, applications' resiliency and performance are more vital than ever before. As the organizations and services move towards digitalization, the influence of outages and downtimes in lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction increases. Azure Load Testing will help the developer’s and tester’s teams who are taking a bigger role in validating the application's performance, scalability, and quality.

Creating and managing the infrastructure required for testing will be at times complex and time-consuming. Azure Load Testing will generate high-scale load without the necessity for managing the complex infrastructure. Also, optimizing the Azure application will be easier with the Azure-specific integrations and insights.

Find out how the application behaves under stress:

The performance-related issues will be often not detected until the application is under load. This service will help the developers to get insights to know how the app will behave under stress. In the Azure portal, developers can run the high-scale load test to see the live updates of the server-side and client metrics during the test.

The insights will help understand how different load scenarios will impact the parts of the application. Also, the testing team can compare the test results across different load tests and understand the behavior changes over time.

Azure Load Testing can be integrated with the Azure Monitor, together with the Application and Container insights to capture all the details from the Azure services. Depending upon the type of services, several metrics are available. Learn more about the features of Azure with Microsoft Azure Cloud certification at EkasCloud.

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