Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

02-Sep-2021 21:22:52 pm

Quantum computing is currently one of the most talkative topics in the tech world and it is treated as one of the next big things in the near future. The concept of quantum computing was brought to the world around 1980 but it was a concept on paper for four decades until now.

A working model of a Quantum computer is still in development stages by many top players of the tech world and the companies have invested billions in order to develop a fully reliable quantum computer by the end of this decade.

If we define a quantum computer, it is a concept of computing which is build upon the principles of quantum theory (explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level) and it has huge potential than we can imagine and even physicists are still trying to understand what quantum computers can achieve.

To grasp the concept of quantum computing one has to understand the difference between a classical computer and quantum computer

If we have to differentiate between these two, we have to look the very basic which drives a computer – which is information processing.

    A classical computer or even a super computer organizes, process and store information in bits (binary digits) a combination of 1sand 0s and it is what makes an application an app to run.

    A quantum computer on the other hand uses quibits(Quantum bits) which is kind of superposition of both 1 and 0 where it is both 1 and 0 at the same time and lies between the spectrum between 1 and 0.

       To understand this even better let’s take a simple coin, either it can be heads or tails. Superposition or quibits is like a spinning coin, it can be both heads and tails until it is stopped and that it is what makes a quantum computer so powerful and quibits allows for uncertainty.

 So, let’s a take another example of how quantum computing works. A classical computer tries to solve a maze by calculating the paths from starting point one by one until it gives a final solution but a quantum computer simultaneously calculates the all-possible paths and reports the solution and quantum computer reports it surprisingly faster than a classical computer.

That is how quantum computer can set of complex problems faster than any supercomputer would do right now. Google claims that its quantum computer solved a problem in 200 seconds that a traditional supercomputer would take years to solve that problem. This makes the quantum computer 158000000 faster the most powerful supercomputer in the world right now.

So finally, quantum computers have the potential to revolutionize computing in the coming years by solving classically intractable problems solvable. A quantum computer can put in to great use in wide of range of fields whether it can be medicine or artificial intelligence which ultimately results in the improvement in quality of our life.   While no quantum computer is yet sophisticated enough to carry out calculations that a classical computer can't, great progress is under way.