Red Hat powers the Evolution of Supercomputing

Red Hat powers the Evolution of Supercomputing

Red Hat powers the Evolution of Supercomputing

The system software backbone for the top three supercomputers in the world and four out of the top ten is provided by Red Hat, Inc - the world's leading provider of open-source solutions. These rankings illustrate that the world's premier corporate Linux platform can give a foundation to satisfy even the most challenging data centres, which it is already doing throughout the cloud system.

Across architectures, high-performance computing

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is designed to provide a standardised, substantial experience on practically any certified architecture and equipment combination. The same stringent standards and uniformity are applied in supercomputing settings, resulting in a predictable and dependable interface independent of the underlying technology.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux not only enables this massive calculation capacity, but it also powers six of the top ten most energy-efficient supercomputers on the globe, according to the Green500 ranking. The performance of the systems on the list is evaluated in terms of both the time it takes to achieve those results and the amount of energy it takes to achieve them. When it comes to proper supercomputing, it is a top priority to adopt a balanced strategy for the most energy-efficient performance.

From the lab to the datacentre and everywhere in between, we've got you covered.

Modern supercomputers are no longer purpose-built behemoths made up of high-priced custom parts. Each Red Hat Enterprise Linux-powered supercomputer deployment employs hardware that can be bought and incorporated into any data centre, allowing businesses to use enterprise systems identical to those that are shattering scientific frontiers. Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a standard control plane enabling powerful computers to run, administer, and maintain themselves the same way as traditional IT systems, regardless of the specific technology.

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