Security Compliance  on AWS

Security Compliance  on AWS

11-Jul-2021 22:40:57 pm

Product security engineering is security engineering applied specifically to the products that an organization creates, distributes, and/or sells. Product security engineering is distinct from corporate/enterprise security which focuses on securing corporate networks and systems that an organization uses to conduct business.

Product security includes security engineering applied to:

  • Hardware devices such as cell phones, computers, Internet of things devices, and cameras.
  • Software such as operating systems, applications, and firmware.

AWS gives the control and confidence that to securely run a business with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. An AWS customer will get benefited from AWS data centers and a network architected to protect their information, identities, applications, and devices.

AWS Compliance policy helps to meet core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality with its comprehensive services and features.
AWS allows automation of manual security tasks so that one can shift his focus to scaling and innovating his business. It is also the  Pay as you go method so that all customers get benefits from AWS being the only commercial cloud that has had its service offerings and associated supply chain vetted and accepted as secure enough for top-secret workloads.

AWS communicates about its security and control environment to customers by:

  • Obtaining industry certifications and independent third-party attestations.
  • Publishing information about AWS security and control practices in whitepapers and website content.
  • Providing certificates, reports, and other documentation directly to AWS customers under an NDA (as required).
  • Providing security features and enablers, including compliance playbook and mapping documents for compliance programs.

AWS has teams of Enterprise Support Representatives, Professional Services Consultants, and other staff to help with privacy questions. The third-party security solutions available in AWS Marketplace complement existing AWS services to help in deploying a comprehensive security architecture 
AWS offers an industry-leading encryption feature to protect the content in transit and at rest, and it provides the option to manage organizations with their own encryption keys. These data protection features include:

  • Data encryption capabilities are available in over 100 AWS services.
  • Flexible key management options using AWS Key Management Service (KMS), allowing customers to choose whether to have AWS manage their encryption keys or enabling customers to keep complete control over their keys.