The Cisco Umbrella global client protects distant employees.

The Cisco Umbrella global client protects distant employees.

The Cisco Umbrella global client protects distant employees.


Working outside the workplace is no longer a fad or a bonus; it was the new normal in 2020. And face the facts: cyber attackers have not diminished due to so many employees working remotely outside of the business office network's defences. Off-network endpoint security for users is no longer a choice; it must be a key component of your distant employee security strategy.

Anywhere they go, remote employees must be protected.

Mobile phones help us be more productive, but they also put us in danger of being hacked. Without an email inbox, 85 per cent of mobile device assaults occur. IT and security professionals frequently lack visibility when it comes to network traffic activities that might indicate cybercrime. Make sure your travelling users have Cisco Umbrella with them at all times.

Cisco Umbrella provides off-network security.

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-based solution that integrates numerous security tasks into a particular service. Umbrella provides roaming clients for Android, iOS, macOS, Google Chromebook, Windows, and Cisco AnyConnect that are simple to set up. Thanks to a wide range of deployment techniques, companies can protect all innovative systems in minutes, not days or weeks.

Admins may save time and money by deploying the Umbrella roaming client to reduce computer viruses, protect consumers from dangers wherever they travel, and gain total visibility into all internet activity across all platforms with equipment reporting. They can prevent users from visiting websites linked to scamming, crypto mining, extortion, and other infections, as well as impose domain-level content filtering based on particular categories such as "betting," "networking sites," "gaming," and others. Generating and administering policies is expedited since rules are established immediately in the Umbrella dashboard. Because compliance takes place in the cloud, there is no lousy aspect of system performance.

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