Top 3 Certifications For Big Data

Top 3 Certifications For Big Data

Top 3 Certifications For Big Data

1. Big Data Certification Course

This specialty does not require any prior exposure. All of the relevant topics' fundamentals are thoroughly discussed. Learn how to use network analytics to analyze problems and do predictive modeling. To better understand how things get done in the actual world, work on real-life scenario assignments.

  • The program will walk you through the ins and outs of all of the key ideas you'll need to ace this program.

  • Knowing how big data is examined and presented might help you make better strategic decisions.

  • Cover a variety of fascinating subjects, including machine learning and deep learning data, and much more.

  • Complete the course with a final assignment that allows you to put what you've learned in the methods into practice.

2. Microsoft Professional Certificate Course

This training will direct you through the process of developing big data solutions. Begin with the foundations, progress to mastering the most commonly used tools, and finish with a final assignment to demonstrate the abilities gained along the way. Learn how to use Azure business solutions and open-source platforms like Hadoop and Spark to gain the skills you need.

  • There is no obligation for prior experience to enroll in the program.

  • Understand how to analyze and visualize data and how to set up a data warehouse.

  • Use NoSQL to query traditional data and work with NoSQL.

  • Process massive data in motion and at rest, coordinate workflows, and develop solutions.

  • There are three units in the curriculum and a project report.

3. Google Cloud Platform Big Data Certification.

This is a one-week expedited on-demand course designed to expose learners to Google Cloud Platform's Big Machine learning-based features. It gives a high-level introduction to the Google Cloud and a more in-depth look at the information processing capacity. It will be helpful to have previous familiarity with Python's programming language and machine learning.

  • Recognize the goal and usefulness of the Google Cloud Platform's core Big Data and Machine Learning offerings.

  • Conduct dynamic analysis of data using Big Query and Cloud Data lab.

  • With TensorFlow, train and utilize a neural net.

For more choices of big data training courses, take EkasCloud as your initial step and progress your future.


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