Top AWS Security Compliance To Be Known

Top AWS Security Compliance To Be Known

Top AWS Security Compliance To Be Known

Cloud has now become the first choice for almost all the companies in today’s business world. This is undoubtedly true because of some exceptional changes it brings to the working environment and infrastructure after the adoption of the cloud.

Adding more cloud security compliance is an added advantage to the business industry to keep the entire infrastructure secure and free from risks. Now let’s know about cloud security compliance. What is cloud security compliance? It is about adhering to certain rules and regulations if you wish to move or operate in the public cloud.

Cloud security compliance management also ensures that the organizations fulfill the regulatory requirements and efficiently track & report status. These regulations and laws are assigned to avoid the risks regarding data protection.

Best AWS Security Compliances:

  1. HIPAA/HITECH – HITECH and HIPAA are closely related regulations made to protect Personal Health Information from authorized access, intrusion, and violation. Since 1996, AWS security has been compliant with HIPAA, which covers the business entity to experience a secure and safe AWS environment to process, store and maintain health information.

  2. PCI-DSS – the PCI-DSS is an exclusive information security standard administered by the PCI Security Standards Council. AWS is certified with the highest level of assessment - PCI-DSS Level 1 service provider.

  3. FedRAMP – The FedRAMP is a cyber security risk management program for acquiring and utilizing the cloud services and products used by U.S. federal agencies. AWS claims to be FedRAMP compliant that addresses the FedRAMP Security laws and controls.

  4. ISO – ISO compliance is making up to the necessities of ISO standards without the formalized certification and recertification process. The major ISO standards are the ones that highlight IT security, environmental influence, service quality, and quality management.

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