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Up keeping, troubleshooting, testing and configuring hundreds of computer systems and monitor networks can be very hectic for System Admin. As a right key for a door, right tools for the Job can make the work of a System Admin a lot more organized, simple and automated.


Wireshark is a free and open-source packet analyzer. It captures network traffic on the local network and stores that data for offline analysis. Wireshark captures network traffic from Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wireless, Token Ring, Frame Relay connections, and more.


mRemoteNG is a fork of mRemote: an open source, tabbed, multi-protocol, remote connections manager for Windows. mRemoteNG adds bug fixes and new features to mRemote and allows you to view all of your remote connections in a simple yet powerful tabbed interface. mRemoteNG is a tool used to connect and manage remote systems using VNC, RDP, SSH, and similar protocols.


FileZilla is a free and open-source, cross-platform FTP application, consisting of FileZilla      Client and FileZilla Server. By using an FTP Client users can upload, download, delete, rename, move and copy files on a remote server.


  Fiddler is a proxy server that is meant to run locally to allow for developers to                debug web applications. If you have multiple different applications or processes that can modify the values in a form it's great to be able to see the actual output as transmitted. If you're working with a remote API, you can also compose and replay requests as needed.

Sysinternals Suits:

Windows Sysinternals is a website that offers technical resources and utilities to manage, diagnose, troubleshoot, and monitor a Microsoft Windows environment.


 Mosh is a tool used to connect from a client computer to a server over the Internet, to run a remote terminal. Mosh is similar to SSH, with additional features meant to improve usability for mobile users.

TreeSize Free:

As a free disk space analyzer tool, TreeSize Free can help you quickly determine what's using up all your hard drive storage. TreeSize Free uses a familiar folder interface to help you sort through the largest folders and files on your computer.


An open source password manager, KeePass lets you generate strong random passwords per site or application. Stored securely, KeePass lets you maintain secure passwords without have to remember hundreds of 20 character plus password or even worse - writing one down. If you need to share your password file with others, or access it from multiple locations, keep it on a Data Anywhere share.


Ncat is a general-purpose command-line tool for reading, writing, redirecting, and encrypting data across a network. It aims to be your network Swiss Army knife, handling a wide variety of security testing and administration tasks.

Process explorer:

Process explorer provides the functionality of Windows Task Manager along with a rich set of features for collecting information about processes running on the user's system. Process Explorer can be used to track down problems.

Mailflow Monitor:

 A tool that enables SysAdmins to receive a notification if there’s an issue with the email flow. It’s particularly useful because you can get notified and solve problems before customers notice them.


A automation tool for system administration. This tool enables SysAdmins to automate IT provisioning and manage system configuration and application deployment from the command line.

Process hacker:

This is a great open-source task manager alternative to the built-in app that comes with Windows thanks to its additional features such as malware detection and software debugging and customizability.

7 Zip:

7-Zip is a free and open-source file archiver for compressing and uncompressing files. If you need to save some disk space or make your files more portable, this software can compress your files into an archive with a 7Z extension.

Powershell ISE:

PowerShell is an essential tool for the SysAdmin toolbox. A cross-platform task automation tool consisting of a command-line shell, scripting language and configuration management framework, it enables you to automate tasks such as OS management, using scripts.


ISPConfig is a free open-source control panel application that allows website owners to easily administer their sites, similar to cPanel and Plesk. It also allows resellers to manage multiple accounts on multiple physical or virtual servers. 

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