Training & Requirements for Google Cloud Platform Certification.

Training & Requirements for Google Cloud Platform Certification.

Training & Requirements for Google Cloud Platform Certification.



Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has risen from oblivion to become a serious competitor to AWS and Microsoft Azure.

In its Golden Matrix for Cloud Framework and System Software services in 2020, Gartner placed Google in the Leaders group. And it occurred for the third time. As more organizations adopt GCP for a minimum of a few cloud requirements, there is a rising demand for the Google Cloud credential programme.

Corporations and IT workers may now test their knowledge of Google Cloud Platform by completing one of Google's eight certifications.

Preparing for a Google Cloud certification exam

Since Google Cloud certification exams are known for its depth and detail, the importance of previous studies and preparation cannot be overstated.

Remarkably, Google doesn't really give a grade at the completion of a test. Rather, it just assigns a "Pass" or "Fail" mark, which does not help you determine where and how to study if you fail. One purpose to learn well for the assessment is to prevent disappointments, therefore taking google cloud platform training might be valuable.

Follow these basic five steps before taking the test:

Follow the proper educational path using the online platform. For each certification, these teaching paths include courses, laboratories, and exams.

Look over the overview of the test manual (such as the Data Engineer exam guide) to realize if there are any gaps in knowledge.

When you take the Cloud Architect and Data Analyst exams, there are questions on additional research papers. In the test guides, you'll find these research findings. Ensure you've reviewed them properly before taking an exam.

Get hands-on experience with Google Cloud. Hands-on Seminars and Lab Assignments are quick and easy. It paves ways to get an understanding of real cloud settings without having to set up your setup.

Answer the blanks on Google's mock exam (like the Cloud Architect practice test).

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