Transforming Education to AWS Cloud

Transforming Education to AWS Cloud

09-Jul-2021 22:28:51 pm

Today education take a new evolution into Digital Transformation due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We must accept the fact that schools and their education system to be extensively adopt to Digital Transformation. Existing resources and capabilities, including factors like technology, culture, practices, people’s skills and competences also as their values, attitudes, identities and mindsets, are considered as barriers to digital transformation. But AWS provides solution for all these issues and helps to allow the education system to function in a Cost-optimized Hi Tech Cloud environment. 

Why AWS in Digital Transformation of Edcuation?

Pearson is a multinational publishing and education company, headquartered in London, England, founded in the 1840s. Pearson provides educational content, digital content and media, as well as assessment services to corporations, schools, and direct to students. 

Pearson turned to the cloud to deliver content globally, build agile, accessible solutions, and to power its digital transformation. Pearson chosen AWS Cloud to adopt the digital transformation in education so as to meet out the prevailing challenges in learning. These are the trending products from Pearson

  1. Revel - is an interactive reading and learning environment 
  2. Pearson eText (eText),- an easy-to-use digital textbook

AWS is in its aggressive step to support Higher Education Transformation Systems during this pandemic situation. It is now currently working with Arizona State University, the University of Oxford, and Ventura County Community College to modernize all aspects of their mission delivery.

Three Benefits that a Higher Education Institution getting while it transforms to AWS Cloud :

High Availability

     Good application design in AWS can mitigate these recovery risks through the highly resilient and scalable architecture of AWS. With an active AWS architecture design, if there is a problem with one system, failover automatically shifts to a server in another Availability Zone (AZ) with no interruption in service. And thanks to constant backup processes on AWS, there is little to no data loss.


         Instead of scaling up on individual servers, AWS scales out by adding more server capacity to meet demand. Institutions no longer need to acquire the physical infrastructure required to handle peak stress only several weeks of the year. With AWS, they can rely on the flexibility of the cloud—saving time and money. 

Operational Efficiencies

         AWS removes the traditional “Lift and Shift” method with replatform approach wherein the applications broken down into different components and re-architects it to cloud-optimized application. Thus this migration method and the automation of general tasks such as backup, patching, and monitoring will drastically reduce the administrative overhead and brings improved performance.