What are Red hat Learning Subscriptions?

What are Red hat Learning Subscriptions?

What are Red hat Learning Subscriptions?

The Red Hat Developer Subscription is a free Developer program that offers you access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other Red Hat products. It's a program and service accessible through the Red Hat Developer program for individual developers.

Developers who are on par with the most up-to-date technology and best practices can shorten the time to get an app to market and respond swiftly to changing demands. Keeping up with the latest technologies and best practices throughout their careers necessitates a commitment to continual education. The red hat provides a learning platform for developers. This is available in online training to help you pass the RedHat course certification tests.

Subscription tiers

There are no necessary levels of knowledge so that you can learn cloud-native technologies and programming regardless of your starting point. But if you want guidance from a renowned source, you can choose from the subscription program available on RedHat

Basic tier - Access to our entire catalog of virtual learning material, video classroom training, skills paths, early access materials, and up to a couple of 200 hrs of hands-on lab time is included.

The standard tier - gives you access to the complete online course library and 300-400 hours of hands-on lab time. Standard membership includes qualification tests and expert conversation.

The developer tier - gives you access to all of their developer resources, which includes online courses, video classes, and up to 80-100 hours of hands-on lab time

How to access the subscription

Since it is an online course, the only requirement is a subscription to the study and a good computer with an active internet connection. All tiers of the Red Hat Learning Subscription are available globally, except in China

Before accessing the course, you can run a compatibility check. You will be able to access your membership within a day of submitting your order. Once you buy the pack, you will be granted instructions on how to access the course

You can also learn RedHat courses at Ekascloud for more interactive training that will assist you in passing the exam

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