What Do I Need To Become A Server Administrator?

What Do I Need To Become A Server Administrator?

What Do I Need To Become A Server Administrator?

Being a server administration has a different meaning according to the kind of server he runs. A server administrator is in charge of the entire server. A server administrator manages the performance and condition of several servers in a business organisation, or it might be a single person running a game server.

The purpose of the Server Administrator is to design, install, administer, and optimise servers and related components to ensure excellent performance of the various processes provided by the servers. This includes guaranteeing server application availability, configuring all new installations, and implementing policies and procedures for continuing server environment maintenance.

By now, you would have been clear about what a server administrator does. Read further to know the skill set needed for the learning server administrator.


  1. Problem-Solving 

Network administrators have two key responsibilities: solving problems and predicting problems before they occur. This necessitates a critical mentality and a systematic approach to problem-solving.

  1. Networking

As more businesses adopt network virtualisation, knowing SD-WAN, VLAN, SD-branch, and SASE is essential. Understanding VPNs is also necessary, mainly since the transition to remote workplaces is a security premium.

  1. Cloud 

Cloud system administrators should be familiar with cloud architecture, the differences between significant cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and the security concerns associated with keeping data on the public cloud.

  1. Scripting and automation

Many of the more time-consuming network maintenance jobs have been replaced by automated operations. They must be able to manage computerised procedures as well as maybe write their own.

  1. Hardware Maintenance

Sysadmins may be required to configure physical server connections and racks and manually configure peripherals like printers and ethernet ports.

The skills needed to be a server administrator can be either inbuilt or learnt over time. Learning server administration has never been easier. With EkasCloud, it is just a matter of time to become an expert at system engineering.