What does Linux administrator do

What does Linux administrator do

What does Linux administrator do


If you're considering a career as a system administrator, this article is for you. This job may be entertaining, irritating, mentally demanding, tiresome, and a great source of accomplishment and fatigue. To put it another way, it's a job like any other, with good and bad days. Variable automation and hand manipulation levels are part of a typical day's work.


Backups, file recoveries, disaster rehabilitation, new system building, hardware maintenance, automation, user maintenance, filesystem upkeep, application installation and setup, system security management, and storage management are all covered under Linux administration. System administration encompasses nearly every aspect of hardware and software management for both physical and virtual systems.

System administrators must have a broad understanding of network configuration, virtualization, interoperability, and, yes, even Windows operating systems. A Linux system administrator should be familiar with network security, firewalls, databases, and other parts of a functioning network. This can be learned from any Linux administration course. The reason for this is that, while you're primarily a Linux SA, you're also a member of a more comprehensive support team that must frequently collaborate to solve complex issues. Security is often at the base of problems that a support staff faces in some form or another. Thus a system administrator is an allrounder.


There's no college major for Linux system administration, and also, there is no real learning track for Linux system administrators. Thus you can seek the help of a Linux administration course to start or sharpen your career ass an administrator. It's a satisfying career to work as a Linux system administrator. It entails a significant amount of responsibility. It can be pretty nasty at times. It can be a lot of exciting at times. It's a job, after all.

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