What is Google Cloud Platform, and why should you train in it?

What is Google Cloud Platform, and why should you train in it?

What is Google Cloud Platform, and why should you train in it?

If you are an IT student or a fresher, you can get the highest salary possible in the IT industry if you get a professional certification in one of the cloud platforms. In this article, we will discuss how Google Cloud Platform Training can help you boost your career.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing platform that provides infrastructure and tools to build applications and services.
GCP offers infrastructure, platform, and server-less computing services to large organizations and SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses). GCP is known for its low cost, ease of use, and security as the third largest cloud platform after AWS and Microsoft Azure.
With its future-focused approach, Google placed its bet on the prediction that high-speed internet at a low cost will become a norm globally.

Here is a list of a few GCP products in each domain

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: AutoML, Cloud Neural Language, Cloud Interface API (alpha)
API management: API Analytics, Cloud Endpoints
Compute: App Engine, Compute Engine
Big Data: Big Query, Cloud Dataflow
IoT: Cloud IoT Core, Edge TPU, Cloud IoT Edge
Management tools: Operations suite, Cloud Deployment Manager, Cloud Shell
Networking: VPC - Virtual Private Cloud, Web application firewall, DNS hosting

Security and identity: Single sign-on (SSO) based on SAML 2.0 and OpenID, Two-step verification
Storage & Databases: Cloud Storage, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Datastore

Why learn Google Cloud? Why do you need a professional certification?

Getting jobs in top companies with high salaries has become increasingly complex with the rapidly increasing workforce and competition. If you are planning on entering the IT industry, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices present. 

But the IT industry still has a large skill gap in critical areas like cloud, data science, and cybersecurity. Top organizations are seeking professionals with reputable credentials that validate their skills.

As per the Skillsoft IT Skills and Salary Report, Google Cloud Platform certifications tops the results of highest paying IT certifications along with AWS. The average salary of IT professionals who participated in the survey for this report was $110765. Google Cloud’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification was the most commonly held certification. 

IDC says 75% of recruiters and decision-makers feel confident in their IT staff’s knowledge and ability if they have a certification.

Why choose GCP?

It is an infrastructure that is tailored to individual business needs. With over 200 services ranging from virtual machines to security, the environment can be freely arranged based on the requirements. This allows businesses to create an infrastructure that allows rapid and stable product development, thus reducing the load on software engineers and DevOps experts.

With over 15 years of experience in building security, GCP is well known for its advantage in security standards. GCP’s Automated Implementation features allow developers to deploy products faster with less effort.

Google Cloud Platform Training

As the advantages of getting a professional certification in Google Cloud Platform are clear, you may find it challenging to decide which service to learn.
To introduce the GCP services and train you on its services, EkasCloud has a three-month course on the Google Cloud Platform. The personalized course covers managing GCP services, GCP Networking services, IAM and Security services, Compute services, Storage and Database services, and Container services.