Why Businesses Prefer Google Cloud Platform?

Why Businesses Prefer Google Cloud Platform?

Why Businesses Prefer Google Cloud Platform?



Google cloud computing is evolving due to fast performance, less maintenance, and better manageability. The services include applications, database storage, compute power, and other IT resources over the pay-as-you-go model.


The remote server allows the users to process data, save and modify data on the cloud based platform instead of storing it in the local server or the devices. Additionally, it helps the IT teams focus better on the services, applications, and processes to achieve the business goals.


Features of Google cloud platform:


Google Cloud Platform is known as one of the popular and leading cloud providers in the IT field. Businesses and software developers with little technical knowledge can easily access the features and services offered.


Google tops the list among the competitors since it is highly scalable and reliable for building, testing, and deploying applications in a real-time environment. It is a fully-featured platform that offers:


  • Capacity - Sufficient resources for easy scaling when required and effective management of resources for optimum performance.

  • Facilities - Offers other infrastructure components that include power resources and physical equipment.

  • Network infrastructure - Offers the best network infrastructure, which includes the number of logical, physical, and human-resource-related components such as routers, wiring, firewalls, switches, and so on.

  • Security - Multi-level security options to protect the resources.

  • Support – Offers the best support for installation and maintenance.

  • Bandwidth - Availability of amount of bandwidth for handling peak load.

Hence, the Google Cloud Platform is a viable choice for businesses, especially when they require a catalog of services with global recognition for their growth. Wish to know more about the features and benefits of the Google Cloud platform? Know it with Google Cloud online training at EkasCloud. We offer the best training for enhancing your skills for a better career. 


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