Why Is Microsoft Azure Used Popularly Especially In Financial Firms?

Why Is Microsoft Azure Used Popularly Especially In Financial Firms?

Why Is Microsoft Azure Used Popularly Especially In Financial Firms?

Microsoft is one of the most popular cloud service providers for many industries, including the financial sector. Why? That's because Microsoft Azure services offer high-grade innovation, security, and scalability. What's more, one need? It also enables the seamless move to the cloud by following the critical FSA regulations. This means it is perfect for financial organizations or other sensitive companies to use it.

Want to dig deeper into Azure? Let's check out how Microsoft Azure helps financial firms, for instance.

Outline of benefits of Azure for financial organizations:

1. Virtual Machines – Azure VMs offer the financial firm flexible virtualization without investing in the expensive physical hardware that runs it. Though some tasks like patching, configuring, and installing software are still necessary, these can be handled with outsourced experts. Finally, Azure VMs can be used to develop and test the applications as an extended datacenter to provide them with the extra capacity when required.

2. Massive storage – Most firms carry a lot of clients and real-time data. Without a proper place to store them, these documents will be scattered across the on-premise systems or office. Azure Blob storage is the object storage for the cloud and its optimized for storing massive amounts of unstructured data and also supports big data analytics solutions.

3. Security – It is said that 35% of all the financial industry data faces breaches. Thus, security is the top concern for financial firms while considering moving to the cloud. Handling all the sensitive company data and the client data will be challenging, especially when data hacks are common. Azure provides a high level of security, which is why 80 in 100 companies prefer Azure.

Microsoft Azure has become the best partner for many companies, especially financial firms. Learn more about what it offers with Azure cloud certification at EkasCloud.

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