Why should you obtain AWS certification?

Why should you obtain AWS certification?

Why should you obtain AWS certification?


1. Cloud services knowledge is a must for IT workers.

Ai and machine learning are vital in the evolution of cloud technology, according to 50% of IT specialists. In the future, these innovations will have the most impact on cloud computing. For IT workers who don't want to fall back, embracing cloud services is necessary.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the speediest public cloud provider.

Over 180,000 programmers were active in application developers in 2006. AWS has continued to develop at a remarkable rate ever since. In 2018, AWS dominated the market with a 49 per cent market share, and it continues to do so now. As a result, understanding AWS is a fantastic option for everyone interested in understanding cloud technology.

3. Business cloud migration to AWS has increased.

The percentage of businesses that rely on traditional IT infrastructure has decreased from 77% in 2015 to 43% in 2018. By 2021, the worldwide public cloud computing market is estimated to increase at a rate of 17.5 per cent. Trained AWS architects are instrumental since they can efficiently oversee the entire procedure.

4. AWS talents are highly sought for and well-compensated.

The average compensation for AWS Certified Associate workers is $121,292. It's $13,000 more than just the top 15 IT workers' average compensation. Salaries for AWS professionals are up to 25% more in places like Washington, Austin, Boston, and San Francisco. Yet, it would help if you didn't hope to pay such a high income right after earning the AWS Certified Professional certification. Your pay is influenced by various criteria, notably your location, experience, and other talents.

5. AWS certification is possible to obtain.

Amazon is unlike many other organisations in that it offers a realistic qualification path that does not force you to begin with highly specialised training. Becoming certified isn't simple, to be sure. To get your initial certification, though, you won't have to quit your employment or pay for pricey training.

Training AWS certification online course will allow you to assist firms in migrating from on-premise systems to AWS and finding work rapidly.

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