Why Windows Server Is A Popular Choice For The Developers?

Why Windows Server Is A Popular Choice For The Developers?

Why Windows Server Is A Popular Choice For The Developers?



When choosing the server, it's necessary to consider the OS it is running. The developers usually get confused between the Linux and Windows Server. Windows Server is a commercial server solution that is beginner-friendly, robust, reliable and needs low maintenance.


Unlike the Linux Servers, Windows require purchasing the license per user to use all the services. But what if you don't wish to buy it? Then you have a renting option where the vendor will include the licensing fees to the overall bill for server hosting and maintenance.


Microsoft Server – A beginner-friendly server:


Most beginners choose Microsoft Servers since it's a user-friendly interface. Each will offer the complete GUI desktop experience, which is intuitive and elegant. Furthermore, the solution also includes easy and optional automized system updates as well as the opportunity to solve all the technical problems with the system recovery.


This will make the admins spend only less time maintaining the server. Also, the Windows Server can effortlessly integrate Windows applications, and it must be your first choice if you choose to use Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL or any other Microsoft program.


The significant advantage of using the Windows Server is that you can get five years of maintenance, and additionally, you can get five years of extended support with a guarantee. It also supports third-party applications and is compatible with Microsoft applications.


Windows Servers requires only less admin monitoring and maintenance. Thanks to its robust approach and automated updates, which makes it possible. With the latest edition of Windows Server, you can get the resources at a reasonable cost.


If you wish to develop web pages using the Microsoft framework such as .NET Framework or ASP, then the Windows Server is a simpler choice. Learn more about using the server with Windows server courses at EkasCloud.


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