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Matthieu Le Berre

Matthieu Le Berre

Non Executive Director

About Me

Based in London, Matthieu has more than a decade of experience in various industries. He worked in the Telecoms, Pharma, Banking, Insurance, Infrastructure and Cloud Providers.

He is a cloud security specialist and has conducted and participated in round tables on that subject.

Matthieu wayback in 2005 was already developing SaaS services for a fully remote workforce and in 2007, a fully automated provisioning service for telecom services and in 2014, SDN like traffic engineering.

Matthieu is as comfortable in explaining core technological concepts as he is having a partnership conversation with the largest security vendors in the space.

He has two decades of senior management experience relating to Security with various Financial,Insurance and Telecom Clients in Europe.

He Currently serves as a Non Executive Director and is a part of the Senior Management Team of ekascloud.com